Purposes and Strategy

The main goal of the "Casa Lidia" Foundation is to prevent child abandonment and reintegrate street children into society.

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"Casa Lidia" Foundation is a children's home that helps abandoned and orphaned children live in a family and eventually find their way in life.

This is both hard and beautiful.

The children in the Centre are under the care of overseers, teachers, educators, social workers and last not least, cooks


There is 24-hour care and supervision by employees, enhanced by surveillance cameras.

The children go to school in Domnesti, and some go to special needs schools in Bucharest.

They spend their free time on the playground that is built on the premises, in the garden.

We also do agricultural activities. Together with the children we work in the garden from spring till autumn. We raise goats for milk, and also chickens. The children enjoy raising rabbits, and find much delight in taking care of them every day.

They also give shelter to animals they find abandoned or lonely in the streets, especially dogs and cats.

This all is not easy, it takes much work and many helping hands.

But it is beautiful if it gives you the opportunity to be surrounded by people with hearts full of love and compassion, and you can see dreams come true.

If you wish to find out more about us, visit this site or ask Liviu and Mihaela Guias - the foundation's initiators - and you will learn about all the things we are doing together, as we are sharing in work but mostly in love, our love and the love of those who have helped and continue to help us make a way in life.